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I'm a free thinker, a lifelong learner and a technology enthusiast involved in several Open Source projects. I've been working with Semantic and Social Web technologies since 2006 for R&D and industrial partners, having the chance to join 3 startups, learn a lot of things and meet really exciting people. I've a passion for Artificial Intelligence and in particular for all that disciplines related to Natural Language Processing. In my spare time I love hacking and playing with Electronic. Sometimes I enjoy playing my music keyboard and shot cool pics. You can find me around Internet mainly with nicknames hardest and micmos.

Work Experience


FBK (f​ondazione Bruno Kessler)​is a public funded research centre in the Provincia Autonoma di Trento. I've been working there from January 2010 to June 2015. I've been assigned to the Web Of Data research unit, connected to the development relevant initiatives like Sindice, the Semantic Web Index and SpazioDati

Relevant activities:
  • Sindice.com. Development and maintenance of the Data Ingestion and Transformation Pipeline (Hadoop).
  • Dandelion. Architecture and first implementation in collaboration with SpazioDati.​
  • MachineLinking Srl (Dec 2012 - Dec 2014) Founder and CTO. Startup providing APIs for Natural Language Analysis (entity disambiguation, entity linking, text similarity).
  • Apache Any23. Project vice president (until March 2014) and maintainer. Open source library for extracting Semantic Web content (RDF) from a variety of Web formats (Microformats, Microdata, RDFa).
  • EU FP7 projects management. Planning, coordination, development, deliverables) related to the work packages in charge to WeD for FP7 projects V​enturi, ​E​urosentiment ​and
  • LOD4StatAnalysis and design and technical advicce of Linked Open Data for Statistics platform, in collaboration with the S​ervizio Statistica ​a​nd InformaticaTrentina.​
  • Google Summer of Code Mentorship 2014 (​GSoC2014)​ with D​Bpedia.org affiliation sponsoring development on J​SONpedia.


SourceSense​ is a European-wide system integration company based in Rome. I worked in SourceSense from October 2009 to January 2010.

  • MyTI My T​elecom Italia Mobile ​Institutional Portal. Supporting Telecom dev team in integrating the new CQ5 platform with their current solution.
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I worked in Asemantics from May 5th 2006 to October 2009. My contribute was focused on Semantic Web and Data Retrieval technologies.

  • NoTube. Network broadcasting monitoring (EU FP7 R&D). Development of a semi-realtime data integration platform for data analysis.
  • 99Ways. Internal research Project defining a web browser plugin for navigation enhancement.
  • CASPAR. EU FP6 project about Cultural Heritage Digital Preservation.
  • Virgilio OpenID Realization of an OpenID solution for Telecom Italia.
  • Espresso OpenID realization of an OpenID solution for Gruppo Espresso.​
  • Sequenza Subcontracting. Senior Software Engineer and project coordinator at S​equenza Spa.​ Realization of a custom Workflow Engine for the "Garante della Privacy".
  • Kinderdijk. An interactive multimedia theme park guide based on GPS for Windows Mobile devices.
  • BBC Memory Share. An RSS/ATOM feed indexer and aggregator for the B​ritish Broadcasting Corporation.
  • WADI. XML/RDF data aggregator for the Rijkwaterstaat (Dutch Water and Transport Authority).
  • Joost. Contribution at the backend infrastructure of a new Internet TV startup funded by ​Janus Friis.​
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Coursera Online Education

Motivated lifelong learner Trento, Italy 2014 - Present

I have received Certifications of Accomplishment with Distinction for the following courses:
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Università degli studi dell'Aquila

Master of Science in Computer Science l'Aquila, AQ Oct 2001 - Dec 2002(suspended, -3 exams to go)

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Università degli studi dell'Aquila

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science l'Aquila, AQ Oct 1996 - Oct 2001110/110


I love technology <3

  • 3Drag 3D Printer: the kit

  • 3Drag 3D Printer: the kit: some mechanical work

  • 3Drag 3D Printer: the kit: almost complete

  • 3Drag 3D Printer: first run!

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